Virtual Home Staging & Photo Enhancement Services

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New England Web Services provides virtual home staging and photo enhancement services for REALTORS®, home builders, and homeowners throughout New England and the entire U.S. Our virtual home staging and photo enhancement services help draw more interest to your home(s) or listings, and the best part is, they are affordable and cost effective.

What is virtual home staging? Quite simply, virtual home staging is the art of incorporating images of furniture and accessories into photographs of unfurnished homes to attract an online audience.

Have you ever struggled to attract new clients (or prospective home buyers) due to an unfurnished home? Virtual home staging is the least expensive — most effective way to attract more clients or prospective home buyers online.

COST / WHAT'S INCLUDED: Our virtual home staging service starts at $55 per photo and includes one minor edit (change request). The cost for edits beyond what's included is $30 per photo. An additional fee of $30 per photo also applies for client-supplied photos requiring editing prior to virtual staging. This includes straightening, perspective correction, cropping, minor cloning (such as cloning in light bulbs or cloning out unwanted objects), lighting and color adjustments, sharpening, etc.

WHAT'S NEEDED FROM CLIENTS: For best results, high resolution photos taken from DSLR cameras fitted with a wide-angle lens are preferred. Smartphone cameras just don't produce the same output quality as that of DSLR cameras. Virtual staging may not look its best when applied to client-supplied photos taken with low quality, low resolution smartphone cameras.

View examples of our work below, then contact us to discuss your needs.

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